Couser Orthodontics Is Different

Some people believe that all orthodontists are basically the same. This is definitely not true. In fact, there are big differences that many people are unaware of. We are confident that Couser Orthodontics is the very best and we have listed the reasons why.


Open Monday through Friday. This provides more accommodation and more flexibility when scheduling your appointments. This is crucial in making sure your orthodontic treatment does not last two or three years.Only open two or three days a week. Some offices are only open a couple days a month. Most offices are closed every Friday. This makes scheduling more difficult and typically means your child will have to miss more school or be seen at longer intervals. Longer intervals and limited time usually equates to a longer time in braces.
Dr. Couser takes the time to do the consultations. This has great value. The doctor properly explains everything so that there are no surprises during treatment. He is able to explain your options and answer all your questions.The orthodontist spends a few minutes evaluating the patient and introducing him/herself. The majority of the consultation time is spent with a treatment coordinator. This person is not an orthodontist and can’t explain specifics about your treatment. His/her job is to keep things very general and just get you signed up.
Dr. Couser maintains a balanced schedule. This means there are an equal number of patients starting and finishing orthodontic treatment. This means that at each appointment, the necessary treatment is being rendered to each patient, which equates to having the braces on a shorter length of time.An unbalanced schedule means there are far more patients beginning orthodontic treatment and very few finishing orthodontic treatment. This leads to a log-jam in the schedule. This means a longer time in braces because at the adjustment appointments, the orthodontist doesn’t have enough time to properly accomplish what needs to be done at each visit. Parents often feel like they are in a factory/mill.
Each patient is retained individually at the end of treatment. Different situations in the mouth require that each patient have specific retainers that will maintain their teeth straight. The majority of patients are retained with an upper and lower permanent retainer. This is the most realistic chance of maintaining that perfect smile.A one-size-fits-all mentality. Every patient is retained the same. Most will get a lower permanent retainer and an upper removable. Some offices give their patients upper and lower removable retainers. A removable retainer has to be worn every night forever in order to guarantee your teeth stay straight. Is this realistic? Removable retainers also cost less per patient and require less of the orthodontist’s time compared to a permanent retainer.
Dr. Couser is the only orthodontist in the office.It is very difficult to keep your orthodontic treatment progressing forward when you see a different orthodontist each visit.
The office layout is extremely family friendly. The office has a great kids room where they can be entertained so the parents can bring the whole family but also focus on their child’s orthodontic treatment.Some offices lack the space to be able to accommodate families.
The fee for treatment is based upon the difficulty of the case. Some cases are easy and others are more difficult. It doesn’t matter if your treatment is easy or hard, your fee is the same. Sometimes they lead you to believe your case is difficult when really it is easy.
The fees do not include added costs that cover other things not directly associated with creating a perfect smile.Your orthodontic fee includes covering the costs of weekly or monthly giveaways. Is it worth paying the extra money for side entertainment?
In case of an emergency, Dr. Couser gives you his cell number. If you have an emergency you might have to wait a few days before it can be taken care of. Typically an assistant covers emergencies.

Check out these patients below, all of which were treated by Dr Couser. Notice the efficient treatment times and excellent outcomes. These results are achieved because of the benefits listed above. Being in braces for two years or longer is just not necessary for most cases.

See more of Dr. Couser’s patient before and after picture here.

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