clear braces


Clear Braces

Having braces doesn’t mean you have to wear noticeable metal brackets and wires. Many of today’s braces are designed to provide patients a more attractive, less evident alternative to metal braces. Clear braces provide the same benefits as metal braces, except they’re clear!

Clear braces are made of clear materials, making them less visible than metal braces. They are very strong and resistant to staining, so they look great through the duration of treatment. With clear braces, all that’s seen is wire instead of brackets, making them a popular choice among older teens and adults because of their very subtle appearance.

When you know that people are focusing on your beautiful smile and not the appearance of your braces, you can feel more confident about your decision to straighten your teeth. By talking with Dr. Couser, you can decide whether clear braces are right for you. Call to schedule your consultation, and discuss clear braces with Dr. Couser today.

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