I love being an orthodontist! I am grateful for the opportunity I have to return to Davis County where I was born and raised. This community gave so much to me while I was growing-up. It is now my turn to give back. One way that I give back is by seeing the change in my patients as they go through and finish orthodontic treatment. A great smile really builds confidence. I enjoy the relationships that are formed during treatment. I know that I can be a positive influence in my patient’s life while helping them create a beautiful and healthy smile to last a lifetime. It also means a lot to me to be able to support our patients in their different endeavors whether at school activities or at work.

At Couser Orthodontics my staff and I are dedicated to providing you with an outstanding experience visit after visit. We aren’t satisfied with just OK — we want to make orthodontics a wonderful experience for them. You can count on our whole team to be fun, outgoing, and friendly at every visit.


State University of New York at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine
American Association of Orthodontists
American Dental Association
Illinois State Dental Society
Dr. Garison D. Couser, was born and raised in Kaysville, Utah, and graduated from Davis High School. After serving a two-year mission in Uruguay, he began his pre-dental classes at Salt Lake Community College and then transferred to the University of Utah. He graduated as the number one dental student, Summa Cum Laude, from the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, where he received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery. After finishing dental school, he completed an orthodontic residency and received a master’s degree in Oral Sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago and his Certificate in Orthodontics in 2010. He is a member of the American Dental Association and American Association of Orthodontists. Dr Couser is a member of a local interdisciplinary team that specializes in treating difficult cases.

Dr. Couser enjoys spending time with his wife, Missy, and their three children: Bryker, Makenna, and Benson. He also likes to read and enjoys all sports.

  • We came to Dr. Couser after having a bad experience with a nearby orthodontist in a surrounding town .Doctor Couser sat down with me we worked out a financial plan to finish out the treatment. My daughter loved him and his staff. She went to her appointments willingly. The flexibility with scheduling and the kindness surrounding this office is not one you see often. I ended up bringing in my college student for a permanent retainer when she saw her sisters. You will not be disappointed.
    Kathy Pozzuoli — April 2015
  • Dr. Couser has put braces on myself and one of my kids. We are currently in the process of monitoring another child and expect all of my children will have braces with Dr. Couser. There are many reasons why I would give him and his office a 5 star rating. First, he is very personable with his patients! He listens and is truly interested in them and their interests. I have confidence in what he says and have seen results when braces are complete. Secondly, his staff is so friendly and welcoming., It starts as soon as you walk in with a friendly front desk and his assistants are wonderful! Third, pricing. I believe he is fair in his prices and was open to me getting 2nd opinions and/or price comparisons. Lastly, we have had an overall great experience at Couser Orthodontics. I have had children in braces at other offices and have appreciated the personal care I have received with Dr. Couser.
    griffin karras — April 2015
  • I have worked with six different orthodontists around the country in an effort to fix the crooked teeth of my five children. Dr. Couser has definitely been the best, quickest, and most affordable of all of them. Most recently I needed to change orthodontists because I could tell the one I had hired was not competent. My child didn't even have brackets on all of his lower teeth. The teeth were shifting, but that orthodontist actually did more damage to my child's mouth than good. Dr. Couser is knowledgeable and practical. He knows what techniques have worked best over time, and he applies them so that your child can have the best outcome, longest-lasting results, and it is done in the shortest amount of time. Your children won't be in braces for years and years, only have to redo the work as adults because Dr. Couser uses permanent retainers. The office staff is always patient and gracious, even when you forget appointments. Usually they can squeeze you in without having to wait for weeks. Can't say enough good about this orthodontist.
    Laura Hales — April 2015
  • We are glad we used Dr. Couser. Originally we had spoken to another orthodontist about the treatment for my son, then we met with Dr. Couser. When we placed the two plans side by side, Dr. Couser's plan was shorter by 6-8 months, less involved and his prices were comparable. He and his staff were easy to work with at appointments and with scheduling. They were also very personable (sometimes Dr. Couser sings along with the background music!). I will definitely use him when my other kids need braces.
    Katie Holmes — April 2015
  • Dr. Couser is an amazing and talented orthodontist. He has returned calls himself to me when I've had questions, and makes you feel like he has all the time in the world when you come in for treatment. My husband, daughter, and I have all had treatment with Dr. Couser. His prices are the best, and yet he doesn't spare any expense on his part to make sure you get what you need. His staff is wonderful, and his office has a great set up for kids. My other kids love to come along for appointments.
    Melissa Morgan — April 2015
  • Dr. Couser did an amazing job with our oldest daughter's teeth - she has new confidence and a beautiful smile. My younger daughter had some crowding issues. I was impressed that he told us to wait a year to see how things go, rather than push us into an expensive treatment that would probably have to be repeated. A year later, we decided the time was right and he will be treating her. Very affordable, friendly, and excellent results. I recommend him to everyone.
    Tiffany Shapiro — 10 Months Ago
  • Right from the start Dr. Couser was very honest with setting out all the possibilities that we might have needed with our daughter. I appreciated knowing what could happen instead of having it be a surprise later on. That way we could plan financially for the most extensive treatment, but hope for the least intensive. He is very personable and his staff is the same. They have always treated me and my kids like individuals instead of just their "next patient". The payment options were great also. Definitely would recommend Dr. Couser to family and friends.
    Shannon Lambert — A Year Ago
  • We have been so happy with our experience with Dr. Couser and his staff! Dr. Couser is so friendly and my daughter just loves him! The staff is so accomodating and great to work with! We got a couple different consults from orthodontists and his pricing was the best! We will return for all our orthodontics needs!
    Tracy Beatty — A Year Ago
  • I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Couser Orthodontics! I had had braces before in jr. high and decided to go for braces again after my mission because my teeth had shifted and changed. Dr. Couser and those who work with him are so friendly, they're involved in your life, they remember things about you, they tell you funny stories and you're just laughing as you're there with your mouth open being worked on. Dr. Couser's prices are incredibly reasonable and his work is efficient and effective. My braces were on for five months, costing $900.00 on a payment plan. That also included a free iPod shuffle (which I totally needed)! I highly recommend him to everyone. My whole family has gone to him and we're all extremely pleased with his work. 🙂 Thank you Dr. Couser and crew!!
    Aubree Thomas — A Year Ago
  • I absolutely loved it here! Dr. Couser did such an amazing job! The staff is always very friendly and is there whenever you need them! I would definitely recommend them to anyone!
    Breanne Sevier — A Year Ago

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