Don’t Use Bubble Wrap to Protect Your Kids Teeth!

Before or after orthodontic treatment, a custom mouthguard can provides the highest level of protection.  However, during orthodontic treatment, teeth are in a constant state of movement so a custom mouthgaurd becomes “outdated” very quickly.  It is important to Dr. Couser that all patient athletes have a mouthgaurd when playing contact sports during orthodontic treatment.  This is why he provides patient athletes a mouthgaurd that will work with braces on the day they get started with orthodontics (just let us know you would like one).  After orthodontic treatment is complete, a custom mouthgaurd can be made to protect the investment you have made in your smile.  Because the custom mouthgaurd is made from a model of your teeth, it can also act as a retainer while it is in…cool, right?  Just let us know if you are interested in this service…and let’s keep safe out there 🙂

custom mouthgaurd

Don’t Forget Your Custom Night Guard!

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