I have worked with six different orthodontists around the country in an effort to fix the crooked teeth of my five children. Dr. Couser has definitely been the best, quickest, and most affordable of all of them.

Most recently I needed to change orthodontists because I could tell the one I had hired was not competent. My child didn’t even have brackets on all of his lower teeth. The teeth were shifting, but that orthodontist actually did more damage to my child’s mouth than good.

Dr. Couser is knowledgeable and practical. He knows what techniques have worked best over time, and he applies them so that your child can have the best outcome, longest-lasting results, and it is done in the shortest amount of time. Your children won’t be in braces for years and years, only have to redo the work as adults because Dr. Couser uses permanent retainers.

The office staff is always patient and gracious, even when you forget appointments. Usually they can squeeze you in without having to wait for weeks.

Can’t say enough good about this orthodontist.